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    How does this work?
    It's simple. You request a quote for your vehicle shipping needs, and we provide you the lowest, most affordable price in the industry based on current demand. We work with all parties involved to locate a fully-insured carrier for the transport.
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    Is my vehicle insured during shipping?
    We only partner with carriers that are properly licensed, DOT (Department of Transportation) certified, and fully-insured. The insurance of the carrier will take effect throughout the entire transport and cover any damages.
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    What is an open versus enclosed transport?
    Open carriers utilize open trailers and are more affordable because they are able to carry more vehicles per trip. Enclosed carriers protect your vehicles from the natural elements, and are more expensive but quicker transports.
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    What does door-to-door service mean?
    Door-to-door is a term used in the transport industry which means that the carrier will arrive at the pickup and delivery locations given, or as close as possible if they cannot fit safely.
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    When is payment due for my shipping?
    We do not request up-front fees. Once you place your order, we begin to work on the pickup schedule prior to receiving any payment. A deposit of $150 is due once the vehicle is scheduled for pickup, and the balance is due upon delivery.
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    Can I leave personal items in my vehicle during its transport?
    Per DOT law (Department of Transportation), personal items should be kept to a minimum while being shipped on a carrier truck.
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    How long should I expect for pickup and delivery?
    Transport times vary depending on locations, with averages of 2 to 7 days. Please contact us for a more specific range based on your needs.
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    How do I book my auto transport?
    You may call us at 866.786.8793, or click on the below link to request more information:
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